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CertifiedTrue is a public/private consortium created to advance blockchain certification in Legal,Insurance and Real Estate.


CertifiedTrue is a public/private consortium effort created to advance blockchain certification in Legal, Insurance and Real Estate (LIR) industries. It is a composition of blockchain, smart contracts, web3js, content addressable storage and other enterprise technologies. Certnet the blockchain is fostered by CertifiedTrue who provides blockchain business certification services, ecosystem and community management.

Why Create Certnet?

Not since the Web itself has a technology promised broader and more fundamental revolution than blockchain technology. A blockchain is a peer-to-peer distributed ledger forged by consensus, combined with a system for “smart contracts” and other assistive technologies. Together these can be used to build a new generation of transactional applications that establishes trust, accountability and transparency at their core, while streamlining business processes and legal constraints. Think of it as an operating system for marketplaces, data-sharing networks, micro-currencies, and decentralized digital communities. It has the potential to vastly reduce the cost and complexity of getting things done in the real world. Only an Open Source, collaborative software development approach can ensure the transparency, longevity, interoperability and support required to bring blockchain technologies forward to mainstream commercial adoption. That is what CertifiedTrue is about – building blockchain consortium.


Certnet has the following goals:


CertifiedTrue incubates and promotes a range of business blockchain technologies, including blockchain distributed ledger nodes on AWS, content addressable storage on GCP, Android and iOS client libraries, graphical interfaces, utility libraries and sample applications. CertifiedTrue strategy encourages the re-use of common software building blocks and enables rapid innovation of DLT components by supporting Hyperledger and different open source projects, contributing back to the progress through a standard life cycle.

Get Involved with the CertifiedTrue community

There are a number of ways that you can get involved with the CertifiedTrue community:



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